Game Assets

Jotun: Sleipnir archway.

Jotun: Mjolnir’s Forge.

Jotun: A few fire region assets.

Jotun: A few assets from the Storm regions.

Jotun: Hagalaz’s Battleground, phase 1.

Jotun: Hagalaz’s Battleground, phase 2.

Ululab: Concept for plains ecosystem tiles.

Ululab: Forest tiles research.

Ululab: Concept for the desert ecosystem tiles.

Ululab: Concept for the winter ecosystem tiles.

Jotun: A few assets from the Cave regions.

Jotun: Mimir’s well.


Here are few of the 2D Assets and Backgrounds I drew for Thunder Lotus Games' Jotun, a top down exploration/adventure game, and an unnamed ecosystem simulation game by Ululab.


2D Artist, UI Artist


Thunder Lotus Games, Ululab


Septembre 29th 2015